Unblock US Review

If you’re buying a means to unblock as well as other US only services there’s a brand new tool available as a substitute to VPN. I’ve taken a look in the service and the support is called Unblock-Us and obtained it for a spin.

How Unblock-US Works

As a way to use Unblock Us you need to change the DNS (Domain Name System) configurations on the unit you intend to observe on. A DNS is in charge of directing you in the right way when you try and connect to .com. Instead of using the DNS that the apparatus normally inherits out of your Your Web Supplier you have to change your DNS to types provided by Unblock US – on how best to do so, the particulars is suppled to pages of Unblock America on the how. Here you find an an american VPN Provider.

The DNS support is see-through for you as a person and you may use as if you were located in the US once the DNS options have changed. How Unblock-US operates behind the scenes is not 100% understood but is is theorized that the validation is re-routed trough US where-as the actual streaming from is routed as normal based proxies. Until Unblockus reveals their secret (they most probably never will) the inner workings will stay not known.

Compare Unblock-US to Unlocator & Unotelly

There are lots of other SmartDNS providers available on the market today.

These ones for instance:

Unlocator – UnblockUS – Unotelly
Channels: 132 – 126 – Unknown (they include non region obstructed channels on their supported page to enhance channel count.)
Cost: $ 4.95 – $ 4.99 – $ 4.99
Plans that are yearly: Yes – No – Yes
API: Yes – No – Yes
Upgrade Via DynDNS: Yes – No – Yes
Roku Area Changer: Yes – No – No
Sony Region Changer: Yes – No – No
Amazon Area Changer: Yes – No – Yes

The obvious winner listed here is Unlocator. Other good services for unblocking streaming sites you can easily find on respective comparison sites, also providers with servers on other countries. E.g. if you are from Canada you find an insigthful overview here. Not only are they cheaper but in addition they provide more channels and features than any other SmartDNS provider available on the market. Perhaps not to mention their DNS computers out performs even Yahoo in terms of pace!

Unblock US Review
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