Howto Join an RT N-16 switch to Hide My Ass VPN

Report Update: in the Place Of creating your hub to utilize VPN a and wiser substitute is the new service Unlocator, which fully eliminates the need to hook up with VPN.

This is for linking an Asus RT D, a manual – My Bum server to be Hidden by 16. Within this article you will learn set it up for connecting to your Disguise My Bum host in a nation of one’s option and how to display your switch with new firmware.

Update: from your computer: Phony Place on Any Unit you can also merely share your VPN connection to boasting your router, As an alternative. Should you prefer to utilize the strategy using the modem then go right ahead and continue with the article below.

Don’t be afraid of along the – it’s that is tutorial long because I’ve made a decision so that you can ensure you don’t wander off along the way to describe, as many ways as you are able to. Alternatively to the guide, Conceal My Bum has produced an installer for Open Express VPN and DDWRT routers. Once registered follow guidelines and login to Disguise My Ass’ consideration panel. Instead create Cover My Bum help for LT2P host information – might be more dependable than PPTP, and have.

Before we start allows be sure that you are well-prepared. These is needed by you:

A Asus RT D-16 switch
A free account with Hide My Butt
Account and your username code for Conceal My Ass servers. This info IS NOT the same as the main one you utilize to sign into your Cover My Butt consideration. In order to discover this info sign into then click and Hidemyass vpn PPTP hosts on the hand side that is left. Scroll down as well as your login facts will undoubtedly be shown.
Uncover what machine you intend to connect to in the machine listing under servers. Writedown the ip.
Finally you should obtain firmware DD-WRT firmware for that modem. You’ll be able to download the firmware below: dd-wrt.v24-14929_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini_RT-N16.trx
Make certain before you continue, that anything above is categorized out.

Flashing the Router
In this phase you will install firmware that is new to the hub. This is required as hubs that were only using the opensource DDWRT firmware may hook up to VPN. The Asus switch that is strong is at operating this firmware, excellent.

To start with you’ll need do get the DD WRT firmware for that modem (view above).

Put the Ethernet cable in the router’s LAN1 interface and join it to your computer. For those who have different Ethernet wires disconnect them now – additionally disable Wi Fi using the PC.

Start your browser and go to feedback admin and /admin should you be expected and also have not arranged another mixture before. If this is actually the first time you are using the router please follow the setup steps.
Around the dashboard select sophisticated options then firmware upgrade. Press choose record and choose the dd-wrt.v24-14929_NEWD-2_K2.6_mini_RT-N16.trx that you simply have saved before. Await the setup to complete.
When the blinking is full you’ll be talk with a screen asking you to provide the router a login along with a code. Fill the knowledge as you please out.
You should now be-at your router’s principle dash together with the new firmware. The part that was tricky is done.
Producing My Ass to be Hidden by the Asus Modem Connect
This step is if the modem and the VPN system will actually connect.

You should currently be at the key dashboard of the router, as you have finished the firmware blinking. If not produce in a browser
Click setup while in the the dashboard’s top. You are today at the simple setup screen
Under Connection Type choose PPTP
Under Gateway (PPTP server) enter the ipaddress of the server you need to hook up to
Enter your Hide My Butt login for PPTP
Enter your Cover My Bum password for PPTP
PPTP Encryption: Allow
Disable Packet Reordering: Allow
Extra PPTP Selections: mppe stateless
STP: Disable
Anything else keep as it is
Save and Utilize

By plugging within the Ethernet wire inside the WAN interface currently join the Asus hub for the Internet and connect another finish to where-ever you receive your Internet from. In my situation I have the Asus hub hook up with Our Airport Extreme switch (added router isn’t needed), which again is connected to the hub from my Web supplier.

Now and the Asus hub via Ethernet connect and you are linked via the Hide My Butt server.

You can also wish to go to Instant”>>Wireless safety and set a password for your wireless access up to the router. Usually the complete town will soon be exploring free of charge.

This is a modest listing of things should you encounter problems, you may want to check.

Make sure that you’re making use of your PPTP login and password and not your standard Cover My Bum password.
Delay one minute or two to connect for the router when it’s been create. A little time to attach for the VPN is needed by it.
Should you get a site that is empty once you insert http:// make sure that you are signed to the router using the hub password and login. If you password it is root and did not set a new login /password.
The host you’re attempting to hook up with might be experiencing difficulties. Then try with another machine in the PPTP record.

Update: have for LT2P host info – and Alternatively create Hide My Butt support these hosts could be more dependable than PPTP – for whatever reason the host data isn’t inside the Disguise My Butt control screen however.

Howto Join an RT N-16 switch to Hide My Ass VPN
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