How to Listen to Rhapsody Outside the US

You access over 14 million songs on I pad, Mac, iPhone, your Computer or Android Phone. In the event that you live in the US – you must use the following technique in the event that you wish to make use of Rhapsody outside the US.

The issue is the fact that Rhapsody is able to detect where you are via your IP-address. Should you make an effort to create an account from outside the United States you will be satisfy together with the following message: “Sorry, we are not able to supply Rhapsody Premier as of this time.” So things you need to do is make Rhapsody presume that you will be found in america by acquiring an American IPaddress.

Hide Where You Are to make use of Rhapsody
An IP-address is a special number that’s required to hook up to the Internet, and you automatically have an IP address assigned via your Web Provider. That makes it very simple for Rhapsody Just How To work with Rhapsody Away From the Usto limit use of users from outside the USA. But, by connecting to what is known as a Virtual Private-Network (VPN) you are able to have a new ipaddress. Find out more in this Review of PIA. By picking out a host in the USA your new IP address will reside in the United States and after that you can obtain Rhapsody just like you were located in the US.

That’s really all there’s to it. Even though it may sound a bit complex this is actually easy to put in place. There is a variety of VPN providers in the marketplace, and professionally I favor using Hide My Ass as their system is really quickly. Their program can be installed by you in your Mac, iOS or PC, after you have signed-up. Then simply decide on a US machine and click connect – after the link is created in 5-10 seconds after that you can browse the Web.

Rhapsody about the iPad, iPhone and Android Beyond the US
Installing VPN on a cellular device is really straightforward at the same time. Once recorded in to your account around the Hide My Bum web site then search to PPTP servers of the account control panel to the left hand side. Here you will discover guides for setting up VPN on your device that is cell.

So that you must change the positioning of your Apple I D used for the appstore, the Rhapsody program is only obtainable in the US App-Store. I have made a different tutorial on this issue as well: Change Nation on iTunes Accounts.

In truth it takes many customers less than FIVE MINUTES minutes to set up, although it’s clear when the whole thing might seem a little complicated. I am hoping your issue was resolved by this and you’ll relish your Rhapsody account that is new.

How to Listen to Rhapsody Outside the US
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