A Good Web Host – Quality Has Its Price

Again and again the prospective webmasters make a fatal mistake: You choose a cheap web hoster. But that this can by no means go well, shows up at a glance at the typical problems:

  1. The loading times are extremely long – this is bad for the ranking in the search engines
  2. There are frequent failures – due to outdated technology and missing strategies for troubleshooting.
  3. A bad (incompetent) customer support – emails are only answered sluggishly, there is no telephone hotline

Traffice peaks lead to performance losses

For this very reason it should be pointed out once again that the cheapest provider should never be chosen. But a good web host is the one who fits to your own project. If you only want to build up a website for learning purposes in order to familiarize yourself with the functions, a free web hosting offer may be sufficient for you. But in this case the webmaster has to accept that the loading times are very slow and there are advertisements on his website – but you can familiarize yourself with the functions of web hosting easily and without any financial investment of your own.

But if you want to set up an online shop, you need a professional web hosting service. This makes it possible, for example, to scale the performance of the website upwards in the event of order peaks.

Good comparison of web hosters

Long gone are the days when only storage space was made available by the web hoster, but today a variety of web hosting tools are also offered.

Especially in view of the high competition on the market, a good web hoster must not only fall back on increasingly powerful hardware and software, but must also provide his customers with a variety of web hosting tools. Visit the page http://www.bestwebhoster.net/ to get an overview.

The homepage construction kit

These are especially helpful if the prospective website operator has no programming knowledge. Such a simple editor makes it easy to create and arrange texts, images and other content using drag & drop. In addition, you can choose from a variety of design templates, which already specify color, fonts and layout, but for which the design can also be adapted according to your own ideas. For professionals and advanced users these kits are rather uninteresting, that they al

ways set limits with the design and the functions.

The CMS / Content Management Systems

Who prefers it more individually, that can fall back on the CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Typo3 (→ Typo3 Webhoster). There are considerably more possibilities to design your website according to your own ideas. A good web hoster for WordPress offers here the possibility of 1-click installation of the well-known CMS.

The Cloud Storage

More and more web hosting providers offer not only storage space but also additional cloud storage. Cloud storage is an additional storage space. This is managed separately from the actual storage space and can be used to store photos, music, videos or documents. Access to the cloud storage is usually possible from various end devices. Automatic synchronization ensures that the data is always up to date.

Statistical programs

With the help of extensive statistics the website operator has the possibility to get an overview of the activities on the web space, but he can also use these to optimize his own website. These programs also help to detect any threats, such as automated access by bots, and then take appropriate countermeasures.

Conclusion: A good web hoster offers more than just low prices

If all the things mentioned here are considered, then one finds a Webhoster, which offers the suitable service for the own Web appearance. But this is only the beginning of the work of website creation, because many other important things follow, such as web design, SEO, online marketing and sales optimization.

A Good Web Host – Quality Has Its Price