An Open Network for Building and Using Aerial Analytics Services

The Flyingcarpet network connects analytics-hungry businesses with a pool of data scientists who compete to create world-leading analytics-extraction models from rich visual data, such as drone and satellite imagery.


Growing a Global Community of Data Scientists

An incentivisation mechanism implemented using bounties and a Token-Curated Registry of Opportunities (TCRO) running on the Ethereum blockchain that aggregates opportunities for data scientists to build machine learning/artificial intelligence models.

From insurance companies, to agri-companies, to governments, the Flyingcarpet network enables actionable insights through rich AI-powered analytics.

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Coconut Fields

Namaliu, a farmer in Papua New Guinea, has a problem. He wastes countless days walking up and down his coconut plantation with a clipboard and pen, manually counting his yield and inspecting his trees. The machine learning model instead processes visual data of Namaliu's plantation, extracting insights and analytics about its projected harvest.

Now, not only can he track theft and monitor yield much more effectively, he can also sell the analytics to third parties, such as government bodies or commodity traders.

Digitising Infrastructure

Infrastructure projects are incredibly costly, typically involve multiple stakeholders, and can be dangerous for the feet on the ground. A machine learning model can process the visual data relating to the bridge and extract insights and analytics about its condition.

Any abnormalities or weak sections are identified and rectified before they become costly - or deadly - problems. Flyingcarpet models can analyse a huge range of infrastructure, including rooftops, roads and power lines.

Setting Insurance on Fire

Insurance claims often take years to settle, payments are based on generic historical data, and brokers typically take a hefty 25% commission. Drones can now scan high-risk locations before and after catastrophe unfolds. A machine learning model will then process this collected visual data and extract insights and analytics, automating the entire claims process.

By building on top of the decentralized Ethereum blockchain, insurers and customers operate within a commission-less protocol, enabling participants to capture all network value.

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    Participants, such as businesses, set bounties on the network to incentivise the collection of visual data. This populates a heat map that displays data collection opportunities for drones, satellites and other imagery sources.

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    Unleash the collaborative power of decentralised data scientists. Machine learning competitions incentivise participants to create cutting-edge models that extract analytics and insights for specific use cases.

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    Successful models are submitted to the protocol for purchase by businesses. With no middleman fees, model stakers share in all current and future value that result via the Flyingcarpet API.


  • Julien Bouteloup
  • Leopold Joy
    Lead Developer
  • Evan Shay
    Sales and Marketing
  • Dan Roberts
    Operations Lead
  • Karel Dukota
    PhD Artificial Intelligence
  • Victor Faramond
  • Savannah Lee
    Public Relations
  • Samantha Yap
    Public Relations
  • Satya Doraisamy
    Legal Lead
  • Max Polwin
    Community Manager


  • Jane Thomason
    Digital Transformation Abt Associates
  • Viktor Tron
    Ethereum Foundation Developer. SWARM


Supported By

  • Q3 - 2017 - First Proof of Concept Successfully Completed

    An analytics-extraction algorithm running on drone imagery counted the number of coconuts in a plantation, equipping the farmer with relevant analytics and opening up significant supplemental income channels for the farmer.

  • Q1 - 2018 - Team Growth

    From a drone developer to a performance marketer our list of contributors grows to 11 and counting.

  • Q2 - 2018 - Winners of CogX London!

    Best in Category for Blockchain solutions for IoT.

  • Q3 - 2018 - Whitepaper Published

    Read the latest Flyingcarpet paper here.

  • Q3 - 2018 - Partners Announced

    From industry to technology partners, we'll be announcing our key strategic alliances created to boost the network in its early days.

  • Q4 - 2018 - Testnet Launch

    With an early adopters pool of data scientists, testnet will launch to showcase early-stage model creation.

  • Q4 - 2018 - Token Sale

    With a global roadshow in the build-up, we are launching our Nitrogen utility token to kickstart the network.

  • '19 - Mainnet

    Fully operational visual services network.

  • Q3 - 2017

    First proof of concept successfully completed

  • Q1 - 2018

    Team growth

  • Q2 - 2018

    Winners of Cogx London!

  • Q3 - 2018

    Whitepaper published

  • Q3 - 2018

    Technology and industry partners announced

  • Q4 - 2018

    Testnet launch

  • Q4 - 2018

    Token sale

  • '19

    Mainnet launch