Decentralising Earth Observation

The Flyingcarpet Network uses blockchain technology and AI to source data and generate insights from geospatial data, creating an open library of models, prediction markets and oracles.


Democratising the World's Geospatial Data

Earth observation presents an unparalleled opportunity for business, science and technological development. The Flyingcarpet Network enables any organisation or individual to gain insights from raw satellite imagery. Our community-built catalogue of models is tokenised and integrated with prediction markets and oracles, allowing anyone, anywhere to capture the value of EO.

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Saving the Planet

Earth observation can empower environmental and social initiatives on a global scale. Flyingcarpet has partnered with Ice Alive to monitor glacial melt in the Arctic, an initiative that won funding from Microsoft and National Geographic. Flyingcarpet is also working with Reforestum to continuously monitor the biomass of reforestation projects to provide much-needed accountability and traceability in the carbon offset market.

Physical World Oracles

Flyingcarpet uses mechanism design and decentralised storage to ensure that the network’s models can report trust-minimised data feeds to the blockchain. This will radically open up opportunities for smart contract development. In particular, Flyingcarpet models can provide data feeds for prediction market platforms such as Gnosis and Augur to enable predictions relating to the physical world.

Decentralised Parametric Insurance

Parametric insurance plans are policies that pay out when parameters - such as an extreme weather event - are met. This requires policyholders to trust and pay for third parties that monitor relevant parameters. In remote and developing regions, these third parties often don’t exist. Flyingcarpet can provide trust-minimised, automated parametric policies that can be purchased wherever there is adequate satellite coverage.

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    Flyingcarpet hosts data science competitions to source optimal AI models for specific use cases.

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    Models are stored decentrally and made continually available to paying organisations via an intuitive dashboard.

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    Models are tokenised, allowing investors to purchase a share of a models future revenue.


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